FREE Online Image Compressor Tools

Hello, we are going to talk about how to compress the image so that the speed of our site is excellent!

You all will know why we compress the image. And how do you do it?

All of you and I use online tools to reduce the size of images or compress them.

While compressing any image, we have to take many things into consideration. Like the image quality should not be low.

Today we will talk about the top free online Image Compressor tools and which tools I use.

After this, I will tell you my recommendations in the conclusion that which tool I like.

FREE Online Image Compressor & Optimizer Tools

Here I have given you a list of image compression tools, I have also given some overviews about them.

  1. ShortPixel
  2. Tinypng
  3. GiftOfSpeed
  4. ImageRecycle

From here we will talk about all these tools.

I took an image whose size is 92KB and compressed that image with all these tools. I have given his result with all the tools.

First of all, we will see the data of the image compressed by all the tools.

ToolOld SizeCompressed Size
online Image Compressor


Out of all these, one tool that I use is Shortpixel and its WordPress plugin also comes.

We hope you have understood which image compressor tool is good, if you have any queries, then you have commented.

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