Best Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC

Today we are going to talk about Best Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC.

We will know here in detail if you have an old computer whose specifications are very low and you want to use it again as your secondary computer, then how can you run it smoothly.

You must have used your Windows and you would know that in today’s time only Windows 7 and Windows 10 run more and more software is available for them and a computer with some good specifications is needed to run Windows.

But if the specifications of your computer are low then you cannot run Windows, then you can look towards Linux because Linux has such very good operating systems which can run very smoothly on low-end PC.

We will give you information about the top 10 best lightweight Linux operating systems for old PC here and will explain all operating systems in detail.

Why We Use Linux Lightweight Distors

If we are not using any old computer which we have, whose specifications are very low or old, then you can revive it again with Linux.

Linux gives you very good performance in very low end specification. You will get similar performance with Linux Operating System, and cannot be found in any operating system.

That is why according to me, you should use any of these operating systems of Linux to revive your old computer, which you will be able to use on your secondary computer and will be able to use with Linux as well.

I have used Ubuntu on my primary PC for more than 1 year and I used to do all my work from Ubuntu but now I am trying some other Linux operating systems, so I use Windows 10 on my primary PC and On a secondary computer, I keep trying different Linux distributions for all of you.

Best Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC

All the Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC we have told you here, you can see them from the table given below and know some things about them and download them Directly.

Distro NamesFile SizeDownload Link
Void Linux468 MBLink
LXLE Linux1.1 GBLink
MX Linux1.6 GBLink
Puppy Linux323 MBLink
Bodhi Linux832 MBLink
Linux Lite1.4 GBLink
Pepper Linux1.5 GBLink
Zorin OS Lite2.1 GBLink
Slax Linux264 MBLink
Ubuntu Mate2.8 GBLink
Best Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC

In detail, let us know all these Linux Operating Systems, which we have ranked Top 10 in the list of Best Lightweight Linux Distro For Old PC.

Void Linux

If your computer is very old and you want to use Linux in it, then the first Linux distro that I will recommend to you that you can use on your computer is Void Linux.

Void Linux is a very great and Lightweight Linux Distro that will do all your work very smoothly, no matter how old your computer and how weak its specification is.

If you do browsing and simple work on your old computer then you will never face any problem.

LXLE Linux

LXLE Linux is a very great Linux distro that gives you very good performance no matter how weak your computer is with specifications.

When you install this Linux Distro on any of your old computers, it gives you a very smooth experience and it runs very well in all the simple tasks.

MX Linux

MX Linux is a very Lightweight and Fast Linux Distro that you can use to revive your old computer, it will make your performance in your old computer very easily and you will not have much trouble.

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux just like its name is a very good-looking and fast + lightweight Linux distro that will run very smoothly even on your low-end computers.

Bodhi Linux

You must have heard the name of your Bodhi Linux, it is a very Lightweight and Clean Linux Distro, you do not get many features in this Linux Distro, but the experience of all the features you get in it is very good and royal.

Linux Lite

On hearing the name of Linux Lite, it seems that it is a Lite Linux Distro which is made for low-end computers, it is designed to run well on low-end computers just like its name.

Pepper Linux

Pepper Linux is a very good Lightweight and Stable Operating System that you can use as your Secondary Computer, it can get your old computer very smooth and good performance.

Zorin OS Lite

If you have used your Zorin OS then you would know that it is very famous for its Customization and its Design, its Design and UI is very unique, and keeping the same in mind, Zorin OS for computers with old and low-end specifications. Lite has been created which you can use.

This is why your computer will be fast, secure and stable as well as very good looking.

Slax Linux

Like all other Linux Distro’s, Slax Linux is also very Lightweight and Stable Linux Distro, I have never used it personally but have got its suggestion from many people, so I have also added Slax Linux to this list.

Ubuntu Mate

I have used Ubuntu for a long time but have never used Ubuntu Mate but I have got a very good experience in Ubuntu, got suggestions of Ubuntu Mate from many people, so I also added Ubuntu Mate to this list is.


I have used many Linux Distro’s till date and I have an old one which is running 1GB Ram and dual-core processor so I installed all these Linux Distributions on it and I found the best performance and stability – Bodhi Found Linux & Void Linux.

After this, whatever Linux distributions were there, they were giving less good experience than these, but it was running very smooth as compared to Windows and no kind of lag was being seen.

When I used Linux Lite and Zorin OS Lite, I did not get a much better browsing experience when I was opening the browser, then there was little lag but for simple tasks like watching videos, there was no lag in them.

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