Top 10 Best Linux Distro for Beginners in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the Top Best Stable Distro of Linux and we will tell you about the Top 10 Best Stable Linux Distro.

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If you are a Linux user then you will know that Stability is a big issue in Linux, which is not Linux Distro Stable, it causes a lot of problems in the work of the user.

When we use Linux, we feel a different type of security in our PC, we have complete control over whatever runs in our PC, that’s why I use Linux.

Today I will also tell you from my experience that which Linux Distribution is good for the beginner so that he can start his Linux Career, you will face many problems while using Linux, so I will tell you such Linux distro whose forms you have every type of problem will be solved.

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The first of this list is the Best Linux Distro – Ubuntu which gives a very good UI and is very stable. I have been using ubuntu for a long time and I have no complaints with Ubuntu. I am also using Linux Distro, which I am going to give you in this List.

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KDE Neon

KDE Neon is the second-best Linux distribution on this list, it is a very good-looking Linux distribution and in addition to being good-looking, it is stable as well. I have been using KDE Neon for quite some time. It is an ubuntu-based Linux Distro. In this Linux Distro, you get a lot of style options, you can customize this distribution according to your mind, that’s why I like it very much.

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Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a very good Linux distribution that is perfect for the beginner. It looks exactly like Windows, if you want to switch from windows then your first Linux distribution must be LinuxMint. This is very user-friendly, and it works very well, it is stable too.

You do not even need much Cmd for this. This is the most perfect Linux distribution for beginners. You use it once and when you are perfect in it, then you can switch to another Linux distribution.

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arch Linux is a very lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that comes with Simple In Environment.
On this Linux distribution, you will get stable and latest versions of all Linux Softwares, which will be updated from time to time. This is a very good and lightweight Linux distro. You must try it once.

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Debian is a very popular stable and secure linux OS. This Linux Operating System has a lot of Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, Pure OS, Stream OS, Linux Mint and many Operating Systems Debian Based Operating System.

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Linux lite

Linux Lite is a very good and lightweight Linux distribution as it gives good performance even on very old hardware.
This Linux distro is known for its lightweight design and performance.

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Manjaro is a very fast and desktop-oriented operating system based on Arch Linux. The design of this operating system is very unique which makes it different from all operating systems.

I have used Manjaro for a long time, it is a very stable and Secure Operating System.

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Elementary OS

Elementary OS is famous for its design and performance. Elementary OS is a very user-friendly operating system. If you want to switch to Linux then you can come with Elementary OS, it will give you a very good look and feel.
Elementary OS is a very good operating system for students, that will handle their daily work well.

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Fedora operating system gives a very user-friendly environment. This operating system is mainly designed for students and software developers. This operating system is for good performance of low hardware.
Fedora Linux distro is designed for programmer students.

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OpenSUSE Operating system is a very good Linux Distro which is very easy to use. This Linux Distribution was made mainly for Software Developers and System Administrators which is very user friendly Distro mainly it is working on Server Environment.

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Final Words

I have been using Linux for a long time and I have a very good experience in Linux. I now use KDE Neon for my regular works. Currently, I am using KDE Neon on my main computer. You also use KDE Neon. This is a very good-looking and lightweight Distro.

If you want to switch on Linux now, you can come to Linux with KDE Neon, this will be a great experience for you.

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