10 Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Today we are here to talk about the best Ubuntu-based Linux distro and see which Ubuntu-based Linux distro is best for you.

I am also using Ubuntu for the last few years but for some time now I am exploring that many Ubuntu-based Linux distros have started coming into the Linux community, they are becoming very popular very fast because of it being Ubuntu-based -Also designed for a specific task.

This is gaining a lot in the Linux community because many people who used to use Windows to do a specific job can now switch to Linux and do all their work with the help of a single Linux distro.

I have told you about 11 Ubuntu-based Linux distros on us and I talked about what kind of tasks they can be used for and what kind of specifications you can use on PC.

First, let us know which Ubuntu-based Linux distros we will talk about here and know their functions.

  • Linux Mint
  • KDE Neon
  • Pop! OS
  • Lubuntu
  • Feren OS
  • Kubuntu
  • Zorin OS
  • Elementary OS
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Xubuntu

These are those Ubuntu-based Linux distros that we will talk about here, all these Linux distros are very good looking and very good in terms of performance, I have personally used all these Linux distros and I have a good experience with them.

10 Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

I have personally used all these Linux distros and I like them very much because of their performance. I am a fan of Ubuntu since the beginning. But I don’t like the design of Ubuntu, so I used to use KDE Plasma Desktop.

Let us talk about all these Linux distros in detail and know what is special about them.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a very beautiful and lightweight Linux distro based on Ubuntu, I have used Linux Mint for a long time and Linux Mint is a very good operating system for a beginner in the Linux community.

If you want to switch from Windows to Linux, then Linux Mint can be a very good option for you.

KDE Neon

If you need more customization then KDE Neon is just for you. This operating system is a very lightweight and easy-to-use Linux distro.

Pop! OS

Pop os is a very good OS, if you want to keep it as your primary operating system, then you must use this operating system.

Pop os can be a very good option for gamers and programmers, it will increase your performance.


Lubuntu is mainly for those people who want to use Ubuntu but do not like Ubuntu’s UI, So Lubuntu is the best OS for you. Which you can use on your primary PC.

Feren OS

Feren OS is a very lightweight Ubuntu-based Linux distro that you should use, this OS will give you a complete Ubuntu environment in the backend and you will be able to use a very good-looking distro on the front end.


Kubuntu gives you a very good-looking design and the best user interface. It is a mixture of Ubuntu and KDE, so you can imagine how much customization you will be able to do in it.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a new-age Linux Distro, in this, you get a very good user interface and experience, here you can work very well and can also make it your primary Linux operating system.

Currently, Windows 11 is being compared with Zorin OS, and Zorin OS is giving very good competition to Windows 11. This operating system is good-looking as well as very fast and lightweight.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a very lightweight, fast, and Clean UI Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that I have ever used.

Mainly Elementary Operating System is Designed for Developers, hardcore coders, and Working professionals.

Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie is a lightweight Linux desktop environment. Ubuntu Budgie uses 800 MB ram on your system and runs faster as well.

You can use Ubuntu budgie as your primary computer as well and main this is made for working professionals.


Xubuntu is for beginner Linux users, you can get all daily used software preinstalled. you should able to utilize maximum system performance on Xubuntu Linux Distro.

Why Ubuntu-Based Distro’s

This is completely my personal opinion, I always prefer to use Ubuntu or Ubuntu Based Linux Distribution.

Because Ubuntu Frequently keeps sending major and minor updates for the best user experience.

Final Words

Here we have discussed 10 Ubuntu base Linux distributions that we can use on any secondary computer, these Linux distributions are lightweight and fast as Ubuntu.

If you don’t want to use Ubuntu but you want to use Ubuntu facilities then you can try this Ubuntu based distributions from Ubuntu.

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